Trenchless Works at Langshaw St, New Farm

Client: Brisbane City Council

Timeline: September 2016 - November 2016


Civil Construction

Civil & Street Lighting Works - Coles Benowa U Turn

Civil Construction

Olsen Avenue Water Main

Pipejacking / Civil Construction

Micro Tunnelling Bardsley Avenue, Greenslopes

Civil Construction

Homework Caltex Civil Works

Construct a new stormwater drainage pipeline (675mm ID reinforced concrete) approximately 154m long using predominately trenchless methods. Construct new class 2 stormwater drainage pipelines (sizes from 450mm ID to 1050mm ID) and structures using open excavation to connect to existing drainage infrastructure. Remove existing 450mm diameter pipeline and install new 750mm internal diameter pipeline. Construct new manhole chambers (2 x 1500mm; 2 x 1200mm; 1 x 1350mm & 2 x 1050mm diameter). Construct gullies (1 x KIL gully with 3.6m lintel; 3 x KIL gully with 2.4m lintel). Blank off abandoned lines and fill with flowable fill (225mm – 450mm diameter pipelines). Design, installation and removal/reinstatement of pipe jacking launch and receiving pits. Pre and post condition surveys of surrounding residential properties.