Homework Caltex Civil Works

Client: GWM Properties Pty Ltd

Timeline: April 2016 - September 2016


Civil Construction

Civil & Street Lighting Works - Coles Benowa U Turn

Civil Construction

Olsen Avenue Water Main

Pipejacking / Civil Construction

Micro Tunnelling Bardsley Avenue, Greenslopes


Riverwalk Pontoon Disposal

Demolition of existing pavements, footpaths, kerb & channel and offsite recycling/disposal. Cut to fill in roads and Caltex site including compaction – 10660m3. Clearing & grubbing of 11225m2. Supply & place 200mm thick, N40 concrete, F82 mesh, broom finish – 580m2 Supply & place Type J barrier kerb & channel, semi mountable kerb Type C – 139m Supply & Installation of stormwater pipelines – 375mm Class 3 RRJ Supply & installation of sewerage pipework – 225mm diam Class SN8. Supply & installation of water pipework – 100mm-250mm DICL; 63mm-180mm PE; 50mm HDPE. Tunnel boring for 525NB welded MS enveloper. Supply & installation of all stop valves, hydrant boxes, meters, bends & fittings; Electrical works to supply Caltex site including new street lights to service road.