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GCE Contractors are dedicated to providing the best quality service revolving around our customers’ needs. We only hire the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff – ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards, using the best quality products around.

Our passionate team strive to succeed beyond expectations – something which sees our clients return to us year after year. Our integrity to our industry, our clients, our partners and our workforce has resulted in GCE Contractors gaining a well-respected recognition within the industry for our commitment to excellence.

We deliver the best Queensland project management services that always meet (but usually exceed) our clients’ expectations. How do we achieve this? We follow a strict code of ethics to ensure our clients are happy with their projects and our workforce is happy with their work. Our set of values is adhered to throughout every aspect of our business life, from business development down to administrative activities.

•Integrity – We are always fair and honest in our working relationships with our clients, our business partners and each other.
•Commitment To Quality – We always complete projects to the highest standards, using the best quality materials and the highest level of expertise in our staff. Our dedication to excellence is second to none.
•Flexibility – We always strive to meet client requirements and having a flexible workforce is essential to attain this.
•Sustainability – We are committed to creating safe workplaces for all of our employees whilst maintaining the natural environment around us.
•Teamwork – Our success is down to our workforce, our working relationship with our partners and of course customer satisfaction. We are committed to our team and to the skills, knowledge and shared values that underpin our success.
•Reputation – Our reputation is paramount to our business, we will always strive to enhance our reputation and to avoid any actions or activities that could damage this valuable asset.  

We will always maintain our focus on ensuring GCE Contractors meets its profit, quality and growth goals. Our business is built on our ability to deliver on time, everytime. When working with GCE Contractors, expect the best service, the best quality of work and your deadlines always achieved or beaten.