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Great News For Queensland Engineering!

The Newman government is expecting great things for Queenland’s economy over the next few years, according to their announcement this week. Expected to develop over the next few years, the state government is setting up a new framework aiming to unlock deep oil and gas reserves. This should make billions for the economy as well as creating a string of engineering jobs. Set over a few years, some of the changes to the current regulatory framework are already underway.

Here’s a quick run through some of the proposed changes:

  • An overhaul of general electrical standards to reduce time and costs in regards to the rewiring of North American imports
  • A Cooper Basin industry development strategy anticipating the area to be the first in the state to see production of deep gas and oil
  • Refinements to the regulatory framework around underground water sources avoiding disruption to agriculture aquifers
  • Regulating fracturing activities under legally enforceable operating and monitoring conditions

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